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The Rusty Spoon Has Acquired IQChoc – Everything You Need To Know

Here at The Rusty Spoon, we love anything to do with chocolate. Although the rich flavor is mouthwatering no matter the brand, we fell in love with IQCho’s Rio Negro Valley delights. Their rare beans were sourced in Peru – organically grown and ethically sourced. They were able to retain 100% of the bean’s flavor without baking, roasting, or scorching it.

Their straightforward bean-to-bar mentality intrigued us, and the deliciousness won us over! This is why we are happy to announce that we have acquired IQChoc!

Who Are The Rusty Spoon?

If you’ve come over to our site from IQChoc, you might wonder who we are. Led by the wonderful Jess Smith, this website was created to share tips and tricks in the cooking world. 

Although there are lots of websites that teach you how to do outrageous bakes, very few focus on the basics. We want to help everyone get into cooking. With this mindset, we have created articles that explain how to defrost food, how long chicken takes to cook, and even how to handle raw meat.

But my chocolatier friends, you want to hear about our deserts, right? We have collected easy, challenging, and show stopper recipes all dedicated to chocolate! Check them out!

Melting Chocolate Chips

For most of these recipes to work, you need to learn How To Successfully Melt Chocolate Chips. We suggest putting them in the microwave, but our guide above will walk you through the process so nothing gets burned, and your desserts taste delicious. However, if you are melting Hershey’s Chocolate, you may need to follow a different technique. Hershey’s has a specific consistency that needs to be accounted for, so use our guide to balance the heat.

Easy German Chocolate Cake Recipes

Let’s start off this display by showing you that German Chocolate Cakes can be easy to make. It all comes down to finding the right recipe. We have gathered 15 simple methods to help you create this cultural classic. Wow your friends, as you learn the tricks of the trade.

Chocolate Cake Recipes

Does a German cake sound too “out there”? Then let’s stick to something more well-known. A classic Chocolate Cake might be your first choice when looking for chocolate desserts, and we have found 15 amazing recipes to cater to everyone’s tastes – from fudge to white and gluten-free to vegan.

Chocolate Cakes As A Shot

Having a boozy night with your friends and want to bring in a fantastical element? Create some Chocolate Cake Shots! These are small alcoholic drinks that you can swallow in one go. Our article contains 15 amazing recipes, ranging from simple “just chocolate” flavors to detailed and rich “german chocolate” goodness.

Chocolate Cakes On A Lollipop Stick

If you want to serve your cakes whimsically, then you should try creating a Chocolate Cake Pop. They are beautiful round cakes baked around a stick like a lollipop. They were first made by home bakers who didn’t want to waste their leftover cake. But now they are a popular dessert in their own right!

Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes

Cheesecake is, without a doubt, one of the most loved desserts ever. But, if you want to make your cheesecake stand out, then we suggest going mini! We have collected a list of 15 stunning Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes to make your offering at the family table a stand-out success. These recipes include an elegant, no-frills option, a chocolate orange delight, rich raspberry flavors, and more!

We even sourced “no baking” recipes, so your kids can join in with the creations. Have a gluten-free or vegan guest? We have recipes for you, too, so no one needs to miss out on your treats. 

Chocolate Cheesecakes

If the idea of a Chocolate Cheesecake sounded good to you, but you don’t care for the miniature whimsy, then check out our more classic recipes instead. In our list, you will find recipes for classics like black forest cheesecake and chocolate orange cheesecake, but also fun additions like snickers cheesecake!

Not wanting anyone to miss out, we have sourced vegan options too.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes are easy to make, but they can come in so many variations. Even when we narrowed down our recipe library to Chocolate Cupcakes, we were still able to find amazing variations for you to choose from – everything from banana to double chocolate; sea salt dark chocolate to vegan.

This recipe collection is mainly created to help those with different dietary needs. We have gluten-free options, dairy-free options, egg-free, and sugar-free too!

Eggless Chocolate Cakes

Speaking of dietary needs, people who have a restricted diet often have less choice. Well, we wanted to turn that idea on its head. This collection shows 15 amazing Eggless Chocolate Cake recipes, giving you all the options you deserve!

Chocolate Dump Cakes

Want something super simple to make? Try a dump cake! The method is straightforward, as you literally “dump” or layer the filling into your cake dish and then pour the cake mix on top. Simple!

We have gathered 15 stunning Chocolate Dump Cake recipes to help you find the best filling and cake mix combinations.

Chocolate Mousse Cakes

Creating a Chocolate Mousse Cake can be difficult, especially when you need to get the consistency right. We have collected 15 recipes that can help you work through those tricky methods with ease! We have even found one version which can help you make three different flavors in one – like a pro!

Chocolate Protein Shakes

Your protein shakes don’t need to be boring. You can get the nutrients you need and the flavor you crave at the same time. We have found 10 delicious Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes to help you bulk your muscles. Some are banana flavored, others mint, another peanut butter, and we even have a white chocolate option too!

Chocolate Fudge

Have you always wanted to make your own chocolate fudge but didn’t know where to start? Well, we have gathered 10 amazingly easy Chocolate Fudge recipes for you to try. Although each is easy, they all have their own flavor combinations.

You can stroll through our list to see which flavors make your mouth water or make them all!

Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark is a fun and easy dessert of broken slabs. You mix the chocolate with flavors of your choice like pistachios, thyme, cereal, or anything! You can make the slabs sophisticated or silly, and they are great to make with children.

Chocolate Gravy

We all know that gravy is normally a savory side, but let’s keep the consistency and change up the flavors. Chocolate Gravy is the perfect side for any dessert on your table. It is especially good for guests with varying levels of sweet tooth, you can let them pour over as little or as much as they desire.

Chocolate Liqueur

We have already shown you our list of amazing chocolate shots, but how about something more sophisticated. Our list of Chocolate Liqueur Recipes contains amazing options for martinis, baileys, and original cocktails! You have to have the chocolate liqueur already to make the recipe, but once it’s in your hands, you’ll know exactly how to utilize it. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Chocolate Chip Cookie is a classic, yet there are so many variations for you to try. Of course, we have found options for gluten-free and vegan eaters, but we have also gathered easy recipes for well-known flavors. We have white chocolate, peanut butter, almond, and more!

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Like your cookies on the minty side? We have found 15 amazing Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies that embrace the fresh flavor in different ways. Want it to look like a normal cookie but taste minty? We have you covered! Want it to look green and spooky for Halloween? We have something for you too! Or maybe you would like something completely different altogether – we call that the Peppermint Pinwheel cookie. Check it out!

Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies

Perhaps you like your cookies to have a soft texture? Try one of our collected recipes for Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies. We have found 10 amazing recipes that balance the chocolate flavor with the softness of butter cookies. Each recipe has its own twist on this treat, so there is something for everyone!

Chocolate Spice Cookies

We have another collection of cookie recipes to show you, but this time we are looking at the Chocolate Spice variety. These unique cookies give you a delicious heat that couples well with the rich chocolate flavors. We have found vegan and gluten-free options too, so everyone gets a chance to try these fantastic snacks.

Chocolate Fondue

Fondues are somehow both sophisticated and fun. They fit perfectly into a child’s party or into a respectable dinner. They are excellent for every person imaginable, which is why you need to learn how to make one! We have found 15 amazing Chocolate Fondue Recipes for every occasion.

Chocolate Truffle

Truffles are the pinnacle of fine chocolates. They are the tiny drops of perfection that make you feel like a goddess. But despite what you may think, you can make these expensive-looking Chocolate Truffles at home! We have found 15 easy recipes to help you perfect the method, and each has its own flavor combinations to pick from.

Count Chocula Snacks

From the elite of chocolate to the family favorite, we have found 13 stunning Count Chocula Snacks to make for your children. Your kids can help make most of these snacks to add in with the fun, creating the perfect summertime activity.

Chocolate Frosting

There are so many methods to create a great Chocolate Frosting, and although each will work well, it really comes down to personal preference. We have gathered 15 different chocolate frosting recipes to help you figure out which method works best for you!

Chocolate Muffins

Muffins are one of the most versatile snacks you can make. They can be savory or sweet and filled with almost any ingredient you could ask for! We have found 15 amazing and different Chocolate Muffin Recipes that prove just how versatile the creations could be.

Chocolate Pies

There are very few things that can compare to the amazing flavors and textures of a Chocolate Pie. We have rounded up 15 mouthwatering recipes that can help you recreate the taste of home.

Chocolate Pretzels

For most of us, we will only eat a Chocolate Pretzel when it comes out of a packet. However, you can learn to make your own at home! The recipe isn’t necessarily easy, but it is fun. We have found both hard and soft pretzel recipes for you to choose from, each of them with its own chocolatey element.

Chocolate Vodka 

Jumping back on the alcohol train, we have a couple of options to help you incorporate Chocolate Vodka into your desserts and drinks. These include martinis, chocolate dream cocktails, and more!

Chocolate Brownies

When done right, a Chocolate Brownie can be the best thing on earth! But it can be easy to get the consistency wrong, especially when you make it from scratch. We have found 15 delicious recipes for you to try, including “no-bake” options, restricted dietary versions, and fun flavors like mint or raspberry!

Chocolate Milkshakes

Milkshakes are the summertime favorites of millions. Although they might be seen as a child’s delight, we all love the tasty deliciousness of something so sweet! Most of the time, when people make Chocolate Milkshakes at home, they use powder, but not anymore! We have found 15 easy and fun recipes to make the drink from scratch. We have even found delicious flavors such as Nesquik, Nutella, and Oreo to make them even more special.

Chocolate Tarts

Chocolate Tarts are a decadent dessert made to impress your dinner guests. Their rich flavors are enough to stop conversation. Pair them with the rich flavor combinations, and you’ll have created a show stopper. We have gathered 15 different recipes, each with unique flavors, to help you be the belle of the ball.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Had enough of these summertime drinks we have suggested? Well, now we want to talk about a winter classic, hot chocolate. But this year, you can make these drinks even more special and turn them into Hot Chocolate Bombs. These bombs are baked outside of the drink and then dropped into milk to create a wonderful arty display and a delicious drink.

Hot Chocolate

Want to make a Hot Chocolate without all the effort of creating a bomb? Then try one of the 15 stunning recipes we have gathered. Using real chocolate (or even your favorite chocolate cookies like Oreos), you can make the drink of your dreams.

White Chocolate

Are you a lover of White Chocolate but can never find a recipe designed for its unique flavor? Well, cry no more, friend, as we have gathered 15 outstanding recipes specifically made for white chocolate lovers. Everything from truffles to cheesecake and tarts to sauces!

Chocolate Candy

Anything can fall into the realm of Chocolate Candy, but these recipes we have collected are specifically aimed at those with a large sweet tooth. We have found recipes for peanut butter cups (similar to Reece’s), English Toffee Slices, and even cute little pretzel turtles! This collection is weird and wonderful, perfect for your sweet craving.

All The Options You Could Want

There are so many delicious Chocolate Dessert Recipes that you can try, and this collection we have created just scratches the surface. We have found simple pain au chocolat bread and butter pudding, chocolate doughnuts, chocolate and chili tarts, and more!

This is your one-stop-shop for all things chocolate!


Although we have more than these recipe lists available, we are excited to show you just how much time we have decided to chocolate-related creations. Explore our website to learn more easy methods for first-time bakers, and try your hand at these fantastic chocolate recipes!