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My Baking Heart

My Baking Heart was a friendly company that created online recipes for sweet and savory taste buds. We at The Rusty Spoon are excited to share our future regarding this delicious website.

We have the honor to announce that The Rusty Spoon has acquired My Baking Heart and hope to bring the heart of their baking soul into our domain.

If you are new to The Rusty Spoon, let us explain a little about ourselves.

What Is The Rusty Spoon?

Led by Jess Smith, The Rusty Spoon aimed to answer people’s questions about cooking. These questions could be basic or obscure; if we can help, we will!

Initially, Jess worked as a teacher, but she left this day job to pursue her passion for cooking and sharing her knowledge with others. It all started online with Social Media. When Jess realized that people enjoyed and even needed her advice, this wonderful blog was created.

Mostly, you will find advice on how to handle the basics (like defrosting food) and more complex cooking (like dehydrating beef jerky). You can also find substitution suggestions and conversations between other cooks in the same situation as you.

If you have arrived at our website after looking for My Baking Heart, then you might be more interested in our baking recipes. Let us show you our take on some baking classics.

Baking Is About Finding The Right Recipe

We have all been in a place where our friends or family have offered a recipe that works perfectly for them but is disastrous for us. And sometimes, the recipes we use are not as flavorful as we might have hoped for.

That’s where our recipe lists come in. There are hundreds of ways to make a strawberry shortcake, and just because one of those options sparks joy in your friend, it doesn’t mean you will like the final result. 

In our recipe lists, you will find multiple options for strawberry shortcake muffins, bark, cakes, and cookies. And there are just 15 for you to look through, so you won’t be bogged down with too many options.

Although we mostly want to talk about baking today, the same idea is true for savory recipes. One person’s chicken dumpling is another person’s chicken don’t-ling. With our list of 15 delicious recipes, you will be sure to find one that suits your cooking style and the equipment you have in your home.

Although we like to show you fun and new ways to bake a classic, we won’t be throwing all types of random ideas at you. Take out a list of 10 peanut butter pies, for example. This list shows you different ways to get this sweet and savory flavor that matches the intensity and taste that you prefer. If you want just a hint of peanut butter to coat over chocolate, you’ll find it here. If you want a spongy textured pie, we have a recipe for you. And If you want to hone in on the crunchy aspect of peanut butter, we have something for you too. 

Every recipe we suggest has been tried and weighed up against 10s of other suggestions we chose to leave out. We have done all the leg work, so you can scroll through a manageable list to find the right recipe for your needs.

A Taste Of Our Delicious Library

Of course, we have more than those 3 recipes listed. In fact, we have a whole library worth of recipes for you to peruse through. We will go through a handful of them now to see if any spark your interest.

Pretzel Bites

A hot pretzel straight out of the oven is a sure-fire way to warm your heart. A pretzel bite is just like a normal pretzel, but they are small enough to pop into your mouth. We have 15 different recipes for this snack, ranging from cinnamon flavors to salty, vegan, and cheesy. Whatever you like from a pretzel, you’ll find it here.

Peanut Butter Brownies

Peanut butter brownies come in all shapes and sizes; they can be fudgy and sticky or crumbly and soft. We have 8 different recipes to share with you, including vegan options. So whatever your preference, we have something for everyone.

Oreo Cupcake

Classic, strawberry, peanut butter, white chocolate – whatever flavors you might mix in with your Oreos, we have a cupcake version recipe to share with you. This list doesn’t really show you different ways to create this oreo cupcake, but it does offer different combinations you could use. Check out our 10 stunning recipes, and see what makes you drool first!

Lemon Pudding Cake

Do you want to create something rustic or restaurant-worthy? Crumbly or drizzly? However you like your lemon pudding cake, we have 15 amazing recipes for you to look through – one of which was created by Mary Berry herself!

Water Pie

A water pie might sound like an imaginary dessert that was made by a kid, but they have been around since 1929. Also known as depression pies (due to the Great Depression), this dessert was the best that people could make in the trying economic times. Of course, being minimal doesn’t mean it lacks flavor!

We have 10 amazing water pie recipes to help you reconnect with history or create an easy pie while on a budget. 

Granny Cake

A granny cake is an old-fashioned dessert that uses different kinds of nuts and a good helping of pineapple juice. This classic choice has faded out of many people’s recipe books, but we want to bring it back.

We have 4 different recipes to help you bring back this once classic cake!

Strawberry Poke

Sometimes known as a poke hole cake, a poke cake allows you to add extra flavors to your dessert without cutting and rearranging baked slices.

Instead, you bake the bottom layer and make holes in the surface, then you pour on the second flavored batter and bake again. You end up with two flavors in every bite!

We have 15 different recipes to help you decide which method seems the most elegant to you.

Chocolate mint cookies can come in many different shapes and colors. Do you want the cookie to be green or golden? Would you like the flavors to be mixed or in block chucks for a different combination every bite? 

No matter what you have in your mind when you think of a chocolate mint cookie, we have a recipe for you. We even have one to create a penguin-like figure with a mint stained glass belly!

Pancake Cake

A pancake cake is a cake that looks like pancakes! Woh, we’ve said “cake” too often. In these deserts, you can expect many thin layers which build up until you reach the classic shape of a pancake stack.

You can do this in various ways, 15 of which are on our website!

Crack Cake

Crack cakes are round loaf-like cakes baked in a ring shape. The recipe is super easy to follow and often uses a white wine glaze. We have recipes from cinnamon and vanilla, to pineapple all the way to pumpkin.

Take your pick in our list of 15 recipes!

Barefoot Contessa Zucchini Bread

Also known as Ina Garten, after the famous cook who created this cake, the Barefoot Contessa Zucchini Bread is a sweet and warm cake often served at Thanksgiving.

The recipe is easy, even if you’ve never made bread before. The only thing you might need every help with is the concept of using zucchini. To help you, follow one of our 15 delicious recipes!

Brownie Brittle

A brownie brittle is just like your typical brownie, but it’s thin and crackly instead of thick and gooey. Getting the balance right can be challenging, but we have 15 different recipes to help you navigate this less heavy snack. 

Chick Fil A as a company has not been well received by a lot of its customers. They make political statements and harbor ideologies that go against a lot of American values. However, we cannot deny how great their food is.

We have found 15 different recipes which have re-created the iconic Chick Fil A cookie, so you can have the delicious taste without funding the company.

Ube Cake

A tube cake is a light purple desert found mostly in the Philippines. The color is created using purple yams, which can be hard to get outside of the native reign.

Still, if you have to attempt a more unusual cake, try one of our 10 recipes!

Popeyes Biscuits

If you are just starting your baking journey, then we recommend trying a popeyes biscuit before anything else. It is super easy to make; all you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and whack it in the oven.

However, depending on what flavors you want to use and how complicated you want this simple method to be, we have 15 different recipes for you to try.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Bread

Ocean Spray is a world-leading producer of cranberries. They dehydrate them to create dry versions, turn them into cranberry juice, and produce millions of products every year.

Realistically, you don’t need to use an Ocean Spray cranberry pot to make cranberry bread, but if you like to stick to the book, we have 15 different recipes to help you prove this sharp taste.

Chocolate Cake Shot

If you want a boozy chocolate cake, then you should try one of our 15 recipes! Depending on what kind of drink you want to infuse with the cake, you can choose which types of flavors blend in with the others.

Our list includes butterscotch schnapps, chocolate vodka, white chocolate liqueur, and more!

Greek Dip

Although we want to show you the best baking recipes lists on our website, we don’t want you to forget about our savory selections too!

Greek dips can be super versatile. We have found 12 stunning recipes for different dips like Tirokafteri, Tzatziki, and even Melitzanosalata! Try them out!

Spanish Bread

Continuing with this savory spread, we wanted to show you some Spanish bread recipes. These are often sweet and buttery, made out of yeast that has been rolled into log shapes.

Of course, we are speaking about Filipino Spanish bread specifically, and although their shape looks almost croissant-like, their taste is way sweeter.

Sprite Pie

Sprite pie was a TikTok phenomenon, and we wanted to help anyone curious enough to try out the trending treat. Similar to the water pie we talked about earlier, the sprite pie is a new adaptation for the modern era.

Birthday Cake Shot

We have talked about chocolate cake shots, but now it’s time to talk about the birthday cake. Depending on where you live in the world, the idea of a singular type of birthday cake might seem a little odd, but in the US, it is a classic. 

Birthday cake is composed of vanilla flavoring and sprinkles, but if you want to make this kid’s special into something more adult – try adding vodka. Our 15 delicious recipes can help you pump up this old classic.

Mincemeat Pie

Mincemeat pies are a classic wintery dish, but for some reason, the cookbook industry has tried to make this bog-standard dish posh. We wanted to stir away from those pretentious meals and instead show you 15 easy and traditional recipes!

Spider Cupcake

Spider cakes are popular for nature-loving kids or Halloween parties. But which ones match the rest of the party, and which ones will actually produce good results? Don’t worry; we have 10 delicious recipes for you to try out. Each uses a different approach!

Communion Bread

If you are part of the Christain faith and want to make your own sacramental bread, then don’t let a lack of experience stop you from reaching this goal. We have 12 easy and authentic communion bread recipes for you to try out. 

Braided Bread

Braided bread is always a beautiful creation to pull out of the oven, but the technicalities might seem too hard to a newbie. Our list of recipes can help you out, as we have a handful of easy-to-follow methods for you to follow.

If you’re already an expert in this braided pattern, then try adding some unconventional ingredients. One of our recipes has chocolate, another has cinnamon, and one even has pesto layered into the braids.

Mochi Muffins

Mochi is a wonderful Asian ingredient that hits a spot most western flavors can’t quite reach. If you have ever tried Asian sweets, you’ll recognize the unusual delights the many of the cultures can produce. 

If you want to experience this popular dessert, try one of our 15 gathered recipes!

Crawfish Bread

The iconic New Orleans meal of crawfish bread is more than a cultural icon. It’s a warming seafood palate with so much flavor you will burst!

Try out 19 amazing collected recipes, and see which version feels spicier to you.

Corn Bread Pudding

Cornbread is a super versatile pudding type that is best paired with apples. In our list of 15 amazing recipes, we also have a cheeky link to help you with leftovers. No food should ever go to waste, so you can use that link to use up your uneaten cornbread.

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is cake pulled out of a funnel. You can often find them at funfairs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them at home.

You can create an easy vanilla version, a red velvet delight, or even create a bite-sized alternative. 

You can find 15 of these amazing recipes on our website.

Black Bottom Pies

A black bottom pie is a sweet cake pie with a prominent layer of chocolate cream as the bottom level of the filling. There is still a crust that holds the pastry together, but that black bottom signature look comes from creamy chocolate.

The other fillings could be anything. Our list of recipes has used rum and meringue, walnuts and graham crackers, and even oreo!

Cassata Cake

Cassata cakes are a traditional Italian dessert that mixes fruity icing with sponge cake. The cream is often made out of ricotta, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see pistachio nuts between the layers.

Check out our 15 outstanding recipes for this amazing cake.

Chocolate Cake Pop

Cake pops are like lollipops for cakes. A ball of cake is attached to a pole and typically covered in either chocolate or another sticky substance. This covering holds it all together.

Chocolate versions are the easiest to make, and they allow you to be super creative with the decorations.

Try out our 10 amazing recipes to see for yourself!

Banh Mi Bread

Banh Mi bread is a mixture of French and Vietnamese culture created when the French Colonists made their march on the country.

When the Vietnamese and French started to mix, they combined baguettes with Vietnamese flavoring. 

We have 10 amazing recipes to help you create your own version, including a vegan option.

Walnut Brownie

Walnut Brownies are always a favorite, and we have options for you if you are vegan, gluten-free, or prefer white chocolate to classic milk. All your options are catered for with our 10 outstanding recipes!

Thunder Cake

The concept of a thunder cake was originally created in a child’s book of the same name. Written by Patricia Polacco, we can safely say that this inventive bake is basically a chocolate cake with strawberries on top. It does have an extra moist middle, but other than that, your kids will recognize and enjoy this different take on a classic.

We have collected 15 different recipes to bring this book to life!

Twinkie Cake

Have you ever wanted to make your own twinkies? Well, you can stop wishing away that thought and start rummaging through our recipes! We have recipes for classic twinkies, twinkie bundt cakes, no-bake twinkie cakes, and more!

Cupcake Pebbles

Pebble cakes are cakes with extra sweets and candy to help decorate the dessert. As you can imagine, cupcake versions are smaller to create an even more textured mouthful. In our list of recipes, you can find safari animals, funfetti, colorful and marshmallow versions!

Streusel Muffin

Streusels are a classic german bake that you often find on muffins, although you can also see them in pies, breads, and cakes too. Normally consisting of nuts and spices, our list of 15 streusel muffin recipes has apple, blueberry, and pumpkin options too!

Lime Cupcakes

Lime cakes are a classic; many say that they are their favorite. Now make that flavor miniature, and you get a lime cupcake. Our 10 recipes give you different ways to make this delightful snack.

Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies

Butter cookies have a wonderfully creamy texture, and mixed with chocolate chips means you get a bounty of rich flavor with every bite. Our list of 10 recipes shows you how to make the vintage version, a shortbread alternative, creamy delights, and more!

Chocolate Mini Cheesecake

There is nothing more rich and creamy than a chocolate cheesecake. In miniature form, we would eat as many as we want – if it’s small, it doesn’t count, right? We have found 15 amazing recipes ranging from orange chocolate flavorings to raspberry – gluten-free to bake-free.

We have all the options ready for you!

Nutella Scones

Scones are normally served with jam and cream, but before you finish with your baking, how about we try a different ingredient to place into the carb – Nutella. This delicious chocolate spread pushes this snack to the next level, and we have 10 recipes that prove it!

Apple Cheddar Muffin

Fancy something a little savory? Try out an apple and cheddar muffin! We have managed to find 14 amazing and different recipes to create delicious muffins that make your mouth water.

Count Chocula Snack

Need another idea for a Halloween snack? Try out our list of count Chocula treats! Perfect for the kids, you can create cupcakes, cereal treats, marshmallow blocks, and more in the name of everyone’s favorite vampire!

Root Beer Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes are easy to make and look amazing as the cake naturally takes the form of your casing. A root beer bundt cake, however, adds a layer of depth you could not imagine. 

We have 15 recipes for you to look through; some with a fluffy texture, some adding bacon to the mixture, and others ready for a Halloween night of fun!

Cranberry Pumpkin Pie

Whenever you reach the Fall months in America, you will see pumpkin pies everywhere. In fact, you see them so often that some people are bored with this ever-recurring sweet. Well, one way to make this dish different is to add a sharp cranberry mixture to the pie.

We have found 14 outstanding methods to help you create this balance of sharpness and sweetness and present something new to your family.

Blackberry Spritzer

So far, we have mostly been talking about baking dishes, but this time we dive into the recipes of drinks. This alcoholic cocktail is perfect for a hot day in the fields of a festival. We have found 15 amazing recipes which all take a slightly different angle with this refreshing drink.

Blueberry Cardamom Pie

Sticking to our current berry theme, we are jumping forward with a blueberry pie this time. We have collected all different types of recipes, including crumbles, swirls, gluten-free, streusel, and minies!

Each one has a rich flavor but brings out a different intensity from the blueberry base. 

Linzer Heart 

Linzer cookies are anything with a heart stamped into the middle of them. We have found 15 stunning recipes to create a biscuit of your choice this valentines day! We even found a recipe to feed your dog too!

Impress your partner this year with a homemade cookie!

Garlic Infused Bread

Garlic bread is the best side to absolutely any dish! And it could taste even better knowing you’ve made it yourself. We have collected 15 amazing recipes to help you create the right garlic bread for your table.

We have everything from crunchy French to delicate knots, naan bread to breadsticks! The best recipes have been found for you; all you need to do is pick one!

Spiced Rum Cookies

Reading this article in the winter months? Try a cookie to match the weather. Spiced Rum cookies are warming, filling,, and give you a kick to help you through the cold. We have found 15 delicious recipes to help you create this snowy treat!

Arnold Palmer Dessert

The Arnold Palmer is a refreshing drink – It has a lovely mixture of iced tea, lemonade, and a splash of vodka. You can recreate this summertime drink and bake a cake instead!

We have found 15 stunning recipes for such an occasion, including cupcakes, sheet cakes, madeleines, and ice cream! Check them out!

Blue Velvet Cake Pop

Blue velvet cakes are just like red velvet in terms of texture and flavor. But instead of being the iconic red color, they are blue.

And we have already talked about cake pops, but the same principle applies. They are cakes stuck onto poles with some chocolate coating them.

We have found 15 of the best tasting and nicest looking blue velvet cake pops for you to make for your next event!

Chocolate Spice Cookies

Chocolate and spice are a flavor combination that many people are still unaware of! This Halloween season, create this unexpected Fall-time snack to bring a bit of that orange leaf feeling into your heart.

We have 15 different recipes to help you on your way – fancy decorations, Sicilian, Italian, and even vegan options are all available to you here!

Cranberry Shortbread Cake

We keep bringing cranberries back into our baking, and this recipe list isn’t going to stop that trend. Cranberries are an underutilized ingredient, and we want to pump some love back into this sharp treat.

Remember, you don’t have to eat these fruits for Christmas or Thanksgiving; instead, try one of our 15 shortbread cake recipes at any time throughout the year.

Overnight Coffee Crumble Cake

Overnight cakes are a massive timesaver. Instead of taking up your kitchen during the day, you can leave this cake to sit overnight when no one is using that space. These coffee flavors enjoy the rest as they are absorbed into the carby texture.

With more time to sit, the cake will be intense! Try one of these 4 recipes!

Bacon Jalapeno Peach Cupcakes

Jalapeno is the flavor that not many can hack, but with the saltiness of bacon and the sweetness of peaches, you can make that powerful spice more approachable. 

Show this flavor combination to your friends and pretend that you created it yourself! We have 15 recipes for you to bake with! Widen your palate with this unique taste.

Cranberry Pecan Pound Cake

Although a bacon, jalapeno, and peach cake might seem unusual, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our original ideas. We want to make cakes more accessible to everyone, which is why classics like this cranberry pecan pound cake list have become a fan favorite.

We have found 15 outstanding recipes, each of which are simple to understand.

Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake is a classic, and you cannot go wrong with the 12 recipes we have collected. Each one is beautiful, easy to make, and has its own additional flavor twist. 

No matter your skill level, you will have fun creating your own.

Chocolate Cupcake

Speaking of classics, we cannot ignore the amazing collection of chocolate cupcake recipes we have sourced. Cupcakes are such a versatile medium that it’s not surprising to find so many recipes on the internet.

Our 15 recipes are a mixture of amazing flavor, beautiful design, and varying difficulty. No matter what type of cupcake you’re hoping to create, we have a recipe for you.

Eggless Chocolate Cake

It doesn’t matter if you are vegan or dairy-free; you can still have a delicious chocolate cake. In fact, we have found 15 amazing recipes to help you try out the best recipe for your skillset.

Making cakes without eggs isn’t impossible, but it involves a technique that most aren’t aware of. Check out our library of information to see more about that technique. 

German Chocolate Cake

As you might expect from it’s German name, this cake has a wonderfully sweet taste while still feeling decadent. What makes a German chocolate cake stand out is its caramel, coconut, and pecan topping.

We have found 15 different recipes to make an easy, impressive-looking, or indulgent version of this dessert.

Chocolate Dump Cake

A dump cake is an American classic. The idea is to “dump” a bunch of canned filling ingredients into your cake tin and then cover it with your cake mix.

The method is super simple, and it uses up the cans you might have lying around your home. We have gathered 15 different recipes to make your dump cake a bit more unique. Each is super easy but has a twist we cannot wait for you to see.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

We are keeping tightly to this chocolate theme but vamping up the difficulty level. Chocolate mousse can be a difficult dessert to create, but have no fear – we have 15 recipes to help you accomplish this cake!

Each recipe has a different level of smoothness and unique topping designs, so you can choose which one looks the yummiest to you.

Chocolate Cake

Ending on a classic, we have collected 15 of the best chocolate cake recipes. If you don’t want to create something fancy but instead want to take on something universally loved, you can try a recipe from our list.

We have vegan options, fudgy suggestions, white chocolate variants, and even gluten-free alternatives. Whatever you want from your chocolate cake, you will find a recipe to suit you!


Now that My Baking Heart has become part of The Rusty Spoon, we hope to add more baking recipes to our library of resources!

It doesn’t matter if you want to create a classic cake, a cheesecake, or a cupcake. We have multiple recipes for you to choose from, each with different difficulty levels, ingredient lists, and overall styles.

From our libraries, you will be able to find a recipe that best fits your baking techniques.