15 Stunning Beef Tongue Recipes

Not many people can claim to have ever tried beef tongue. There’s a great barrier to entry to what is otherwise a very valued cuisine across the world.

For some, the idea of chowing down on a creature’s tongue sounds like a step too far. But there is a great world of interesting flavors awaiting you should you ever choose to try it.

Have you ever found yourself on the cusp of trying a new food that you otherwise would never consider eating? Want to break out of your culinary comfort zone and try something you’ve never tried before?

If you find yourself in such a situation often, and you are interested in giving beef tongue a try, then you’ve landed on just the right article.

Today, we’re going to look, in-depth, at 15 of the most stunning beef tongue recipes that you can try out. Some recipes are a little more difficult than others, and each one has a wildly different flavor, but there’s truly something for everyone here!

Traditional Beef Tongue Recipe

We figured that it would be best to kick this list off with something short and simple. This beef tongue recipe is made by simmering the tongues lightly in spices until they become extra tender.

Beef tongues are inherently very tender when eaten, so you should make sure to monitor them carefully as you cook them, so that you don’t risk overcooking them.

This recipe will also show you how to make an optional mushroom sauce to drape over the tongues that draws out and improves on their already great flavors.

Boiled Beef Tongue

Another simple method for preparing beef tongue is to boil it! This recipe features an extremely simple method that results in extremely tender but extremely satisfying tongue meat.

All you need to do is place the tongues into a pot of boiling water, with some salt, and allow them to boil.

The aim is to boil the tongues until they become tender, and the outer skin layers begin to fall off. This takes on average around 2 to 3 hours at most. 

From there, all you need to do is peel off the skin, and then serve it! You can serve it up with whatever you choose, whether it be some fries, mashed potatoes, vegetables, or just lots and lots of gravy! 

And boiled beef tongue also makes for great leftovers!

Braised Tongue

Braising your beef tongues can help to make them even more tender than they already are. It involves cooking cuts of meat in plenty of liquid until the flesh begins to slowly fall apart, as connective tissues slowly begin to soften.

This braised beef tongue recipe makes the tongues really soft, as the five-hour cooking time allows the meat to truly soak and loosen up. 

Pressure Cooker Beef Tongue

Pressure cookers can make short work of even the toughest cuts of meat, allowing meats to cook over long periods, so that you can crack on with your day while your special beef tongues cook to perfection, ready for dinner time. 

This pressure cooker beef tongue recipe cooks the tongues to absolute perfection, before you then serve them up with plenty of onion, for taste. But that’s not all you can do with pressure-cooked beef tongue, as you can easily add it to tacos, salad, or even stews! 

Beef Tongue In Vinaigrette

The tender beef tongue simply falls apart beneath your fork as you slowly savor every bite of this delectable dish. The slightly tangy vinaigrette which is draped across the tongues gives the dish a slightly spicy kick, as it is infused with garlic, parsley, and chili flakes.

These strong flavors contrast with the soft texture of the tongues, to create an intense marriage between texture and taste that only this dish could give you.

Red Wine Braised Beef Tongue And Baby Onions

Instead of simply braising your beef tongues in water, why not try braising them in red wine? Using red wine to braise can help to add to the rich flavors of the beef, with the red wine adding a slightly mature layer to the dish. 

Baby onions, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes, also help to make this dish truly delectable, and perfect for melting in your mouth. 

Beef Tongue With Bechamel Sauce

In a stark contrast to our previous recipe, this dish instead features a very creamy and soft sauce that pairs perfectly with the beef tongues, to make for a dish that is incredibly fulfilling, and almost tastes rather nostalgic, thanks to its soft and homely flavors. 

This sauce combined with the soft beef tongue makes this dish easy to eat, and something that you won’t be able to resist having a second serving of.

Beef Tongue With Mustard Sauce

Mustard sauce and beef go together like peas in a pod, so it also stands to reason that beef tongue melds well with mustard sauce.

The sharp and almost sour kick of the mustard awakens the senses so that they are more receptive to the subtle and complex flavors of the beef tongues. 

This recipe can also help you to find the correct wine to pair with your beef tongue meal, based on its unique flavor profile, so that every facet of your five-star meal is accounted for, and fine-tuned to perfection!

Crispy Grilled Beef Tongue

For a totally different type of beef tongue experience, try grilling your beef tongues until they take on a slightly crispy texture.

The crispy outside of the grilled beef tongues lightly coats the still-tender meat on the inside, which makes each bite a dual combo of both tender and crispy sensations.

You can serve these with a range of garnishes and dips of your choice to create an interesting and exciting snack that would surely get party guests talking.

Beef Tongue Terrine

Terrine is an amazingly tasty, but also deceptively simple, way to serve meat. The process involves fully cooking a cut of meat, and then allowing it to cool, before then slicing it, ready to be served.

Doing this with beef tongue, in particular, can bring out the latent flavors of the tongue that may otherwise be missed if just eating the tongue straight out of an oven.

This recipe also suggests pairing the terrine slices with plenty of mustard, to add an extra hint of flavor to the dish, without overpowering the tongues themselves.

Crock Pot Beef Tongue with Roasted Pepper Sauce

This crockpot recipe tears the beef tongue apart, thanks to the slowly tenderizing cooking process. This makes the tongue very easy to eat with just a fork, while the red pepper sauce and the lightly cooked onions add a great flavor to the top.

The dish is displayed in absolute style, almost looking like a fiery volcano of flavor and texture that is ready to erupt with flavor. 

Venezuelan Lengua en Salsa

Want a one-pot method that can make your beef tongue easy to eat? Look no further than this recipe straight from Venezuela, which employs the taste of salsa, to create a dish that is almost reminiscent of delicious curry.

Simply serve the finished product up on a bed of soft rice, with plenty of herbs scattered lightly over the top.

This Mexican favorite is a great way to introduce yourself to the tastes of beef tongue, or a great way to breathe new life into tried and trusted beef tongue recipes. 

Puerto Rican Stewed Beef Tongue

There’s nothing more warming or deeply satisfying than a good stew. This Puerto Rican recipe melds the classic tastes of a stew, with the unique and interesting flavor of beef tongue. 

Again, this dish is perfect when paired with rice, as the rice will slowly absorb the flavor of the meaty sauce, so that not even a single drop of tasty juices from the tongue is lost, and you can really soak in the amazing flavors that beef tongues have to offer.

Slow Cooked Spicy Beef Tongue

As we’ve already explored a few times, beef tongue is very tender and soft meat that practically falls apart the moment it hits your tongue. So imagine how decadent and immense beef tongue would feel and taste if it were slow-cooked!

Luckily, this nifty little recipe from ‘Essential Omnivore’, shows you exactly how it can be done to create meat perfection. ‘Essential Omnivore’ specializes in making otherwise daunting foods and delicacies more palatable to the casual consumer.

This makes this a perfect recipe for those beef tongue novices amongst you.

Beef Tongue Tacos

Let’s end with something immediately familiar, but served in a way not quite so familiar.

If you want to try out beef tongue in a form that you already recognize, then you simply must try out these delectable beef tongue tacos which combine soft tortillas, and Mexican flavors with soft and tasty tortillas! Yum!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Beef Tongue So Good?

Beef tongue is enjoyed as a delicacy all across the world, because of its amazing flavors, textures, and its perceived uniqueness. Beef tongue is very tender, which makes it easy to eat, while also being very enjoyable and rather decadent. 

Is Beef Tongue Healthy To Eat?

Beef tongue does have a few great health benefits. Beef tongue is full of zinc, iron, and vitamin B12, all of which are necessary for maintaining a balanced diet. However, it does have quite a high calorific content, and thus must be eaten in moderation. 

Why Is Beef Tongue So Expensive? 

The reason that beef tongues are usually expensive is that there is more demand for them. There is only one tongue in a cow, so you would need quite a large number of cows to be able to satisfy every person that wanted to try beef tongue. 

15 Stunning Beef Tongue Recipes

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Not many people can claim to have tried beef tongue. It’s an unusual cut of meat that can be quite expensive. So how do you make it taste best? Let’s see.


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