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Can I Eat Cereal With Water Instead of Milk?

If you have never tried cereal with water, then you might be wondering why there is even a debate when it comes to cereal with milk or water. However, there are actually people that prefer to eat their cereal with water, and this has turned into a big topic of conversation online. 

There are lots of different reasons why you might want to try alternatives to milk with your cereal, whether that be down to personal preference, being vegan, or having allergies. While there are other milk alternatives that you could try, some people like to keep it simple and stick to water instead.

In this article, we are going to take a look at whether or not you can eat cereal with water, and what other options you might have available to you if you were to run out of milk.

You might even find a new favorite way to enjoy your cereal along the way. Just keep reading to find out more.

Can I Eat Cereal With Water Instead of Milk?

If you really want to, you can eat your cereal with water instead of milk, but you should know that it definitely isn’t going to taste the same. Using water instead of milk will lead to a drastic change in taste and texture.

Although, there are some people that simply prefer it this way. 

Of course, cereal is designed to be eaten in combination with milk, but there is no rule book that says you have to do so. So, if you want to try out having your morning cereal with water instead of milk, then it is perfectly fine for you to do so, as long as you are aware that it won’t taste the same.

This is something that will also vary depending on the type of cereal that you are eating. If you are going for something that is bland like corn flakes or weetabix, then your cereal is going to be very boring unless you find other ways to add in some flavor.

If you don’t want to add anything extra, then you might want to stick to cereals that are more flavorful.

Will My Cereal Taste Different If I Use Water?

Yes, your cereal is going to taste very different if you replace the milk with water, as milk is what will provide you with that creamy and sweet flavor. This is because it contains proteins and fats that give your cereal a smooth and creamy finish, and milk does not offer your morning cereal any of this. 

Water does not contain any fat or protein, which is why all it will provide you with is some extra hydration. You can also expect your cereal to go mushy much quicker than it would if you were using milk, but this could be a good thing if that is what you are looking for. 

If you are used to eating cereals that contain ingredients like chocolate, nuts, or honey, then you might be a bit disappointed if you use water instead of milk. The flavor is most likely going to fall flat without the creamy milk present.

Although, if you are someone that typically opts for fruity cereals, then using water instead of milk might not be such a bad idea. It may even be a better alternative, as milk doesn’t always pair well with fruity cereals.

It mostly comes down to your own personal preferences, as it is impossible to say whether milk or water is better when it comes to your breakfast cereals, as different people are going to have different opinions.

Although milk is probably the most conventional option, that isn’t to say that you won’t prefer water instead. Maybe you should give them both a try side by side to see which one you prefer. 

This is a big topic of conversation that has divided many people on the internet with some people saying milk is the only option, and others saying that water is the better option. So really, it is all down to you to decide which one you prefer. No matter which option you choose, you are bound to offend someone.

There are some cereals that will work better with water than others do, but there are some that will simply work better with milk. Who knows, maybe you will try both of these options and decide that you like neither of them.

The biggest question is what do you put in the bowl first? The cereal or the liquid? No matter what anyone else says, there is only one right way to answer this question, so think carefully about your answer here.

Should I Put The Cereal or the Liquid in the Bowl First?

We are sure that most people would agree that the cereal always goes in the bowl before you add any liquid to it, no matter what you decide to use. Putting the liquid in the bowl first is like putting the tea bag in the mug last.

It is something that should never be done under any circumstances. There will always be one person that does this the wrong way around, and we urge you to reconsider your choices.

It just makes sense to add the cereal into the bowl first. Then, you will know exactly how much liquid you need to put into the bowl to make the perfect balance of cereal and liquid.

If you were to put the liquid in first, most of your bowl space is already taken up, and you are much more likely to have liquid leftover at the end of breakfast.

The Best Milk Substitutes for Cereal


If you love to add water to your cereal, then this might not be something for you, but if you are looking for another alternative, then you should definitely read on to find out about some of the best milk alternatives to enjoy with your cereal. 

Powdered Milk

This is one of the most basic substitutes for regular milk, and it will provide your cereal with the milk flavor that many people love. Although, this type of milk is quite sweet, even if you purchase the unsweetened version.

Plant or Nut Based Milk

Plant and nut based milk will also work well as a milk substitute. If you like a thicker texture, then you should definitely try coconut or cashew milk. For a nuttier flavor, you should go for something like almond milk.


If you want to ditch the idea of milk and water altogether, then you might want to try using yoghurt instead. This option will help to keep you fuller for longer, and can provide you with various flavors, depending on what type you choose to use.

How to Eat Cereal Without Milk?

If you are not in the market for a milk substitute, but you still want to be able to enjoy cereal, then you should take a look at our list of ways to enjoy cereal without milk below.

Plain Cereal

One of the simplest methods of enjoying cereal without adding milk is to eat it on its own. Although it will be dry, it will also be crunchy and sweet, which is a great combination for any snack. 

Mix Into Oatmeal

If you are a big fan of oatmeal, then you should try adding a sprinkle of cereal into the mixture to add some extra crunchiness. You can use almost any type of cereal that you want, depending on what you prefer.

Make a Smoothie

For those that want to add some extra texture to their smoothies, try adding some cereal into your blender to create the ultimate smoothie. You will benefit from extra flavor, texture, and consistency. You could also make a smoothie and pour that over the top of your bowl of dry cereal.

Ice Cream Toppings

People add all sorts of things to their ice cream, so why not add some cereal? You might have to choose your cereal brand wisely for this purpose, but it might just be worth it in the end.


There are plenty of things that you can try if you don’t want to add milk to your cereal.

Whether that be finding a milk alternative, or coming up with alternative ways to enjoy your favorite cereal, there really is something for everyone. You just might have to go through some trial and error to find out what works for you.

Jess Smith