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12 Stunning Communion Bread Recipes

Communion bread, also known as sacramental bread, is an important part of a ritual in Christianity. This bread is consumed alongside red wine, representing different parts of Jesus.

In communion, a Christian will consume a small piece of bread and wine. The bread represents Jesus’ body, which was sacrificed when he was crucified on Easter Sunday. Meanwhile, the red wine symbolizes the blood that Jesus lost during this process. This communion is a method of remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity. Due to this, it is a very essential ritual that a lot of Christians participate in.

Because this communion bread may be eaten by numerous people, there may be a lot of pressure to ensure that it is perfect. Fortunately, there are lots of recipes for you to try out.

Here are few different and amazing communion bread recipes for you to try out. We have included both leavened and unleavened varieties. Unleavened bread is made without a raising agent, such as yeast. Different traditions will either use leavened or unleavened bread.

1. Unleavened Bread for Communion from AllRecipes

The first item on this list is a traditional unleavened communion bread recipe. Because the bread does not contain any yeast, it will not rise. With plenty of experience and history behind this recipe, you can trust that it will go down well. The bread can be made into 6 individual disks, allowing it to be easily eaten by the people in your church.

Furthermore, it is very simple to make. In fact, it is estimated that this recipe should only take you 20 minutes to make. This will mean that you do not need to spend loads of time in the kitchen. Flavored with a hint of salt, it is simple yet effective.

2. Authentic Unleavened Bread from BBC Good Food

Next, if you are searching for an authentic communion bread recipe, you cannot go wrong with this one from BBC Good Food. The homemade dough is certain to be a hit in your church.

It contains a small amount of honey, giving this bread a subtle yet sweet flavor. The ingredients are really easy and inexpensive to acquire. As a result, practically anyone can bake this communion classic.

3. Gluten-Free Communion Wafers Recipe from GF Jules

Having an intolerance to gluten can be a real pain. Sometimes, you will miss out on delicious foods. This can be particularly annoying when it comes to communion. A gluten allergy can mean that you are unable to participate in this important Christian ritual. Thankfully, this gluten-free recipe means that you can still do communion.

This recipe means that more people in the church will be able to take part in communion. The recipe uses all-purpose gluten-free flour, making the recipe more accessible. If your church does not have gluten-free bread, you can always make this recipe and take it with you.

4. My Communion Bread from The Joy of Cooking

Sourdough bread is perhaps one of the most delicious types of bread. As the name suggests, it has a sour tang to the bread. It also smells divine when it has been freshly baked. If you want to try a sourdough version of communion bread, here is an incredible recipe.

If you have plenty of time on your hands, it is well worth making this delectable bread. This recipe will take around 24 hours. However, it is worth putting in the time and effort to ensure that you get amazing bread. With the use of scoring patterns, this bread will not only taste heavenly but will also look stunning.

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5. Bread For Communion – Unleavened from Just a Pinch Recipes

If you attend a small church or are only hosting communion for a small group of people, this will be the perfect recipe for you. It makes enough bread for between 25 and 50 people. Of course, you can increase the quantity of the ingredients if you need more bread. Flavored with a pinch of salt, it has a mild taste that almost everyone will find appealing.

6. Recipe for Gluten-Free Communion Bread from Love to Know

As mentioned earlier, it is important for sufferers of coeliac disease to be able to engage in communion. This gluten-free is more inclusive as it is made from gluten-free bread flour. Aside from this benefit, it also has excellent taste. This is partly achieved through the inclusion of honey.

If you are looking for a bread recipe that has a slightly chewy texture, this recipe will be right up your alley.

7. How To Make Our Communion Bread from The Local Church

In the number 7 spot is a gluten and dairy-free bread that has been made with allergies and sensitivities in mind. Despite this, it still has a soft and light texture thanks to the use of yeast. The recipe is helpfully given in two forms. You can either receive the instructions in written form or via a video. These multimedia instructions mean that you can follow the recipe whichever way suits you best.

8. Milk And Honey Communion Bread: The Bread I Made For Communion from Jenni Field’s Fearless in the Kitchen

Are you looking for an unconventional communion recipe? If you are, please consider this fabulous milk and honey bread.

It contains yeast, meaning that it is not suitable for those who are searching for unleavened bread. Furthermore, it has a sweeter taste than some other breads, making it a good option for people who love plenty of flavors. The recipe is also easy-to-follow and informative, with plenty of tips for making and serving the bread.

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9. Simple Rosemary Unleavened Bread from Finding Time for Cooking

If you are fed up with communion bread tasting a little bland, you may want to give this recipe a shot. Because they need to appeal to large groups of people, communion bread is quite basic. For instance, poppy seeds or other additions tend to be avoided.

This recipe makes the bold choice to add rosemary to the mix. This fragrant herb will endure the bread smells and tastes delicious. Despite this, the state will not become overpowering. If you are having communion for a small crowd, this recipe will be particularly fitting. This is because it is less likely to offend people who prefer a more traditional communion bread.

10. Unleavened Communion Bread from Food

If you desire a communion bread that looks stunning, we strongly urge you to have a look at this recipe.

The scoring on this bread not only looks great, but it will result in the bread being easier to tear. Thanks to the inclusion of sugar, it has a subtle sweet taste. However, this is well balanced with salt and butter. The result is a luscious bread that is magnificent for communion.

11. Good Friday Kitchen Communion Recipe from River Valley Church

The penultimate recipe in this list is a leavened version of the communion bread. It rises because of the inclusion of yeast. If you prefer a leavened bread to an unleavened one, you may want to consider giving this recipe a whirl. It has a light and airy texture that is ideal for bread.

The recipe is also very simple to follow, meaning that even those with limited cooking experience can give it a try.

12. New Year’s Communion Bread: Champagne Yeast Pita from Jenni Field’s Fearless in the Kitchen

The second recipe from this wonderful website, this bold and untraditional communion bread recipe should be reserved for people who want a more exciting version of this food. Made with prosecco and champagne yeast, this bread is perfect for people who like a hint of booze in their food. If you are struggling to find champagne yeast, it can be found from here.

This communion bread is ideal for a special occasion, such as a new year celebration. Though it is unlikely to become the default communion bread in your church, it makes for a nice change every now and then.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Bread Was Used at the Last Supper?

The last supper was the last meal that Jesus spent with his apostles before his crucifixion. During this meal, it is said that Jesus used unleavened bread to represent his body. This is why there is a tradition of consuming unleavened bread during communion.

Unleavened bread is flat and will not rise due to the absence of agents, such as yeast. However, some traditions still consume leavened bread as part of their communion. In the Roman Catholic Church, you must use unleavened bread.

Who Makes the Bread for Communion?

This will depend. The bread could be baked by a member of the church. It could also be bought from a bakery if nobody has volunteered to make it themselves. Some bakeries specialize in making communion bread.

What Type of Wine is Drunk in Communion?

Traditionally, pure grape wine is used to symbolize the blood of Jesus, which he lost during the crucifixion. Either white or red wine can be used, though red better works as a metaphor for Jesus’ blood.

In some churches, non-alcoholic wines may be used. If not, red-colored squash may be used instead.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to communion bread, it is important to make bread that everyone can enjoy. This is because a large group of people may want to eat it as part of the ritual. On the other hand, this does not mean that the bread needs to be bland. You should not be afraid to add plenty of flavors.

We hope that these recipes will have given you some inspiration, allowing you to better participate in communion and to remember Jesus’s sacrifice.

12 Stunning Communion Bread Recipes

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Communion is an essential Christian ritual. The job of baking the bread for it is important. How do you bake this bread? Here are 12 amazing recipes!


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