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What To Eat With Baked Beans (13 Tasty Side Dishes)

The humble baked bean is a staple of many households – and indeed, has been popular throughout the world for more than a century!

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy baked beans, as they’re an amazing complement to many other foods! Here’s 13 of the absolute best side dishes to go with your baked beans!

What To Eat With Baked Beans (13 Tasty Side Dishes)

13 Tasty Side Dishes


This one is the classic – one of the favorite foods of British households. It’s so simple that even a child could make it – as long as they’re old enough to handle a stove safely!

All you need to do is heat up some baked beans, and make some toast. Put the two together on a plate. That’s it. Beans on toast. Or, if you’re feeling fancy (and a fan of Terry Pratchett), Beans-Upon-The-Toast. It almost sounds like a British village!

Beans on toast is absolutely delicious on its own, and doesn’t actually need anything else added to it – not even salt and pepper!

However, there’s nothing stopping you adding anything you like to the dish – and indeed, some of the things on this list make amazing extras to an already tasty treat. Try out some melted cheese on the bread, and maybe some bacon and sausage too!

Baked Potato

Baked potatoes and baked beans are another staple food of many British households. Just like beans on toast, this is a really, really simple and delicious meal to make. Simply bake a potato, slice it open, and pour in some delicious hot baked beans!

Again, this is so simple and tasty even without salt and pepper – but there’s nothing in any rule book that says you can’t add any extras that you feel like. Melted cheese is, of course, a popular addition!


Now we’re really talking. Take your favorite sausage, no matter what sort of sausage it is, and you’re guaranteed a great tasting meal with the simple addition of some baked beans. There is practically no sausage conceivable that wouldn’t be a perfect match for baked beans!

And, of course – as you’re no doubt aware by now – you can add sausages to anything else that you’re adding beans to! Sausage, beans, and toast is a really popular combination, and for good reason!

Baked potatoes go really well with sausage and baked beans too. And practically everything seems to go well with cheese and/or bacon, of course!


Speaking of bacon, why not add some of it to your baked beans? You can cook rashers as usual, and serve them with baked beans for a delicious dish – and, of course, these will go fantastically with either toast or a baked potato too.

Or, you can cook your bacon for a while longer, until you can almost shatter it, and crumble it into your baked beans for a delicious meaty addition of flavor!

In fact, why not try both out?

And, of course, you can give yourself a real treat – wrap some sausages up in bacon, and serve with baked beans, and toast, or a baked potato… you’re sensing a theme here, right?

These foods are all absolutely amazing together, because they’re amazing on their own! And with the tomato sauce of the baked beans to put everything together, you’re guaranteed to have a delicious tasting meal with pretty much any of the first five ingredients on this list.

And what’s number 5? Well, for many of you, it might well be number one!


Cheese, of course! This is something that you probably don’t even need to be told about. Serious cheese fans will try to put as much cheese, and as many different varieties of cheese, on absolutely anything they can.

It’s almost like an obsession – but if you love the taste of cheese, one you can totally understand.

Whatever cheese you use, you’re likely to have a good time when you pair it with baked beans. Cheddar is of course a classic, but if you’re a real cheesehead, you’ve probably got all sorts of deliciously cheesy ideas for baked bean dishes!

Frankly, you could probably mix Casu Marzu with baked beans and it would taste… No, scratch that, actually, nothing can improve Casu Marzu except distance and locked doors.


This one is probably a little bit of a no brainer! When you consider how well a baked potato pairs with baked beans, then it’s pretty easy to see that fries are also going to taste great with them!

No matter how you like to have your fries – whether it’s just with a little bit of salt, or an outlandish affair with cheese, multiple flavorings and all the sauces you can get your hands on – baked beans are going to taste fantastic with them.


This might seem a little unconventional, but it’s actually a pretty common dish in Britain, albeit a little bit of a novelty.

Presumably borne out of the (frankly, extremely well founded) idea that baked beans will pair with literally anything, a baked bean pizza is a surprisingly tasty meal!

It’s not exactly classy food – nobody could reasonably claim that! However, it’s real comfort food. It’s quick and simple – just add baked beans to whatever pizza you have.

After all, there’s not a huge amount of difference between a pizza, and cheese on toast when it comes down to it – so baked beans on a pizza is actually not too much of a silly idea!

Mashed Potato

By this point, you’ve probably worked out that some foods will go with baked beans in pretty much any form possible. Bread is one of them – there’s probably not a single form of bread that wouldn’t go well with a tin of baked beans.

Potatoes are, of course, another. You can do pretty much anything you like to a potato, and it’ll still be a fantastic match for baked beans. So, of course mashed potatoes are going to work well with them!

Do what you like to your potato – it’ll work just as well with baked beans. Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew – now there’s a thought, actually. Baked bean stew? Why not?


Just like bacon and cheese, ham is another one of those ubiquitous meats. It seems to be a popular addition to ao many recipes, that you could be forgiven for thinking that it will go with everything!

Well, you might well be right on that front. It’ll definitely go well with baked beans, of course!

You can cut it into tiny pieces and cook with the baked beans to add a meaty overtone to the flavor. Or, use baked beans as part of the filling for a ham sandwich!


Similarly, you can use baked beans to accompany pretty much anything sandwich like – including burgers! A beef burger is going to taste great with the addition of baked beans – you won’t even need ketchup!

And, of course, you can add cheese and bacon as usual – in fact, your burger will be screaming out for them!

Pretty much anything that you can sandwich between bread can be modified to add baked beans. Any sandwich, hot dog, burger, or sub will welcome baked beans like a returning hero.


This one might seem a little unconventional, which is surprising when you think about it – after all, salad rarely fails to go well with other foods, and the same is true for baked beans! So why wouldn’t they make good complements to each other?

And, of course, they do so well. If you’ve never thought of trying the pair together, then why not give it a go?

Make your favorite salad, with all of your favorite greenery and vegetables, and add some hot baked beans. You might well find yourself pleasantly surprised!


Eggs and baked beans actually go really well together! It seems that pretty much anything that you can combine with either bread or potatoes is going to be a fantastic match for baked beans!

And, as you already know, put these with toast or a baked potato and you’ve definitely got a winning combination.

However, it’s fair to say that someone who eats baked beans and eggs together is going to be the least popular person on the elevator. Just a friendly warning!


For a really unconventional addition to baked beans, why not try out some of your favorite pasta? Actually, this isn’t as unconventional as you might think – and there is at least some logic as to why they might work well together.

After all, pasta is made from wheat – and so is bread, and we all know how well toast goes with baked beans! So, maybe it’s not a surprise that a lot of people love pasta with their baked beans!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Sort Of Beans Are In A Tin Of Baked Beans?

Baked beans are usually made with haricot beans (also called navy beans).

What Is Baked Bean Sauce Made From?

Although there can be many ways to make a sauce for baked beans, a huge amount of brands will use a sauce based on tomatoes. This sauce is often sweeter than you might expect from a tomato based sauce, as additional sugar is often added during cooking.

Are Baked Beans British?

Actually, despite their reputation, they’re actually originally a dish cooked by Native Americans! They’ve been popular worldwide (especially in Britain and America) for over a hundred years now.


If you’re a baked bean lover – and, frankly, if you;ve ever eaten them you probably are – then this list is sure to have so many delicious ways that you can complement your baked beans!

What To Eat With Baked Beans (13 Tasty Side Dishes)

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Baked beans are amazing – that’s a fact! Wondering what are the best foods to complement them? We’ve got the answers, with this list of tasty ideas!


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