Does Cocoa Powder Go Bad (Does It Expire)

There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day than a warming cup of hot cocoa. Luckily, cocoa powder makes it easy to access that wonderful chocolate flavor anytime you want, by mixing it in with a liquid of your choice, whether it be milk or water.

You can even mix cocoa powder with other recipes to create chocolatey twists on some of your existing favorites. Want a chocolate cake? Mix some cocoa powder in! Want to add a bit of flavor to a boring yogurt? Mix in some cocoa powder! 

Cocoa powder is also easy to get your hands on and to store away in your kitchen pantry. With just a small helping of cocoa powder, you can transform any drink or dessert into a chocoholic’s dream!

However, with cocoa powder having such a long shelf life, an inevitable question is brought up. Does cocoa powder go bad? Can cocoa powder expire, and is there a certain amount of time you should aim to consume it within? 

Before you throw out that slightly older can of cocoa powder, let’s find out whether there’s still some life left in it! 

Does Cocoa Powder Go Bad?

Technically, yes, cocoa powder can go bad. Any food will eventually go bad, though some last longer than others. Cocoa powder sets itself apart with its incredibly long shelf life.

Does Cocoa Powder Go Bad (Does It Expire)

Cocoa powder may go bad eventually, but it would likely take many many years for this to take place.

Provided cocoa powder is kept in a sealed container and kept at room temperature, it can last for many years before ever becoming too spoiled to consume.

Cocoa powder comes in a dry form, with very little water content contained within it. Thus, it is difficult for bacteria to reach it, and to begin to thrive.

Cocoa powder is also, of course, very fine, meaning it has an incredible surface area, taking into account the surface area of each individual grain of powder. This allows it to last much longer.

Does Cocoa Powder Expire?

Yes, cocoa powder can expire, but, again, this would take many years to happen. You would likely make use of all of your cocoa powder before you ever see it expire.

If you have a can of cocoa powder in your kitchen pantry, you may notice that it has an expiry date printed on it. This date is likely a few years into the future. However, your cocoa powder will still be perfectly fine to consume past this date. 

Expiry dates are printed by manufacturers to act as a suggestion, a date by which you should consume something in order to experience it at its best.

It does not mean that exactly on that date it will become poisonous or unappetizing. Your cocoa powder will still be perfectly fine to consume.

Is It Safe To Consume Cocoa Powder Past Its Expiry Date?

Yes. It is definitely safe to consume cocoa powder once it has exceeded its expiry date. You won’t experience any adverse symptoms or any illness from consuming it.

The most you might experience is a slight change in taste, but, again, this won’t make you ill, it just might make the powder less appetizing. 

How Can You Tell If Cocoa Powder Has Gone Bad?

Does Cocoa Powder Go Bad (Does It Expire)

It might be difficult to tell just at a glance, but you should definitely be able to tell from taste and smell. Open up your can of cocoa powder and breathe in the smell. Do you get chocolatey notes?

Then your cocoa powder is still perfectly fine to consume. If the powder smells slightly sour or even has no smell at all, then it may have possibly gone bad. However, the cocoa powder can still safely be eaten, even if this is the case.

When you make a cup of hot cocoa from your cocoa powder, you should still get that distinct and pleasant chocolatey taste. If it does not taste how you usually expect it to, or it tastes rather foul, then it would be safe to say it has gone bad.

Again, it is worth mentioning that cocoa powder that has gone ‘bad’ won’t make you feel ill, as the worst thing that happens to bad cocoa powder is that it loses its potency, and its sense of flavor. 

How Can You Make Use Of Expired Cocoa Powder?

If your can of cocoa powder has gone past its ‘sell by’ date, and you want to make good use of it, there are plenty of great uses for it.

Simply making a quick internet search for cocoa powder recipes will yield thousands of results that can still be used even with expired powder.

You could use it to create some decadent brownies, or even a nice and refreshing chocolate mocha, to give you a midweek pick-me-up!


Don’t throw away that expired cocoa powder! There’s plenty of life in it yet. If it still tastes and smells right, then you can still expect the same amount of deliciousness as ever!

Cocoa powder can last a very long time, many years even, with the worst consequence being a slight loss of flavor and potency. 

You can put expired cocoa powder to great use in many recipes, such as brownies or chocolate milkshakes. And if cocoa powder has truly gone bad, and tastes quite foul, you don’t have to worry, it won’t make you sick at all! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Eat Chocolate 2 Years Out Of Date?

Dark chocolate products can last well over 2 years, even past their expiry date. They are also still safe to eat. However, chocolate with lots of dairy content inside can spoil a lot quicker, thanks to the dairy content. 

Milk chocolate can generally last for around 1 year, and it is not recommended to eat it past that.

Can I Use Expired Chocolate For Baking?

When chocolate expires, it doesn’t necessarily go straight to developing mold, as you might expect from other foods. Instead, it begins to change in consistency, first, and then in taste second.

The changes in taste take a lot longer to happen, so it is definitely possible to use expired chocolate for baking! 

Why Is My Chocolate White?

You might have noticed small white patches on your older chocolate. Don’t worry. This isn’t mold, or anything poisonous. Instead, these are simply small particles of fat, which are drawn out by changes in temperature. 

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