15 Outstanding Ocean Spray Cranberry Bread Recipes

Ocean Spray was formed in 1903 and is the world’s leading producer of dried cranberries, cranberry juices, and juice drinks and is the most popular brand of bottled juice in North America.

When it comes to making delicious cranberry bread, many of us turn to Ocean Spray cranberries.

If you’ve never made cranberry bread before, or are looking to shake up your existing cranberry bread recipes, look no further than the 15 outstanding ocean spray cranberry bread recipes below.

1. Ocean Spray Cranberry Nut Bread

To make your Ocean Spray cranberries super sweet for this cranberry nut bread, rinse the cranberries whole in a strainer and coat them with sugar – even if they’re frozen.

You can even leave the cranberries whole in the bread if you want, rather than chopped. Before you pop the bread in the oven why not sprinkle some sanding sugar on top for extra sweetness?

2. Ocean Spray Cranberry Bread

The gorgeous smell of this bread is sure to bring the Christmas spirit into your home! As it is a quick bread not much work is involved to make this sweet treat, you pretty much throw all the ingredients together, mix them, and bake!

What sets this bread apart from other traditional cranberry bread recipes though is the touch of orange from the orange juice and orange zest.

3. Ocean Spray Cranberry Bruschetta

Looking for a festive, fancy treat to serve at a Christmas dinner party? (Or any dinner party for that matter). Ocean Spray has you covered! These Ocean Spray cranberry bruschetta bites are perfect appetizers that are sophisticated yet fun!

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4. Ocean Spray Classic Cranberry Nut Bread

Another Ocean Spray-certified cranberry bread recipe, you can whip up this traditional bread in under an hour!

5. Classic Cranberry Bread

One bite of this moist, quick bread is sure to get you in the holiday spirit! With every mouthful you get hit after hit of bright orange, pecans, and – of course – fresh cranberries!

This is your traditional Ocean Spray Cranberry Bread recipe, with just a few modifications to make it even better.

This cranberry bread recipe is ideal for beginners, as it is super simple with little room for error. You can freeze this bread for up to 3 months if you wish, so if you want to be super prepared for the holiday season, you can make this bread and freeze it ahead of time. 

Plus, this festive bread is so pretty that it would be an excellent homemade gift for a loved one.

6. Cranberry Orange Bread

Who says you can only enjoy cranberry bread during the holidays? This cranberry orange bread with a sweet orange glaze is a tangy treat that is sure to wake you up in the morning! What better way to start your day than with a slice of sweet, quick bread for breakfast?

This easy recipe is yet another great place for beginner bakers to start. It’s sweet without being overwhelming, with an irresistible citrus tang that is sure to pair well with your morning coffee. 

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7. Moist Orange Cranberry Bread

You may have noticed that cranberry and orange is a match made in heaven, and the sweet cranberry and tart orange marry together perfectly in this bread that is moist, but not too dense.

We recommend baking this bread the day before serving, so the flavors can really sink in.

8. Cranberry, Orange And Rosemary Bread

While cranberry sauce is a staple on our Thanksgiving tables, it’s time to explore cranberry’s true potential and leave it no longer relegated to an admittedly delicious sauce!

Cranberry is too healthy and nutritious of a fruit to not be incorporated into drinks, desserts, or quick breads.

This cranberry, orange and rosemary bread is sure to go down a storm at your Thanksgiving celebrations, and this beautiful bread looks as good as it tastes. The addition of rosemary just accentuates the festive flavors.

9. Cranberry Poppy Seed Bread

Perfect for sharing, this cranberry poppy seed quick bread can be whipped up in 10 minutes, and can be made into a full size loaf, or 3 mini loaves to share with friends and family. The sweet, crumbly topping of this bread is sprinkled with beautifully tart cranberries.

Another great bread for beginners, this cranberry poppy seed bread couldn’t be easier to make. While a lot of cranberry bread recipes call for orange, if you’re not a fan of orange don’t worry, this is the bread for you!

It’s orange-free, but still perfectly combines sweet and tart flavors.

Bright red cranberries are also an attractive contrast against the pale bread, making it an eye-catching centerpiece for any holiday table. 

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10. Gluten Free Cranberry Orange Bread

There is no electric mixer needed for this easy-to-make gluten-free cranberry orange bread, just mix everything together in a large bowl!

What’s so great about this particular recipe is that it is moist and never gummy, unlike some gluten-free quick breads. Instead, it is moist, wonderfully dense, and with no gumminess in sight. 

It’s also packed with cranberries, and isn’t too sweet nor too greasy. If you’re looking for a quick bread that is sweet but not too sweet, and moist but not oily then this is the quick bread for you.

It’s sweet enough to balance the tartness of the cranberries, but isn’t so sweet that it stops being a bread and becomes a cake.

11. Mom’s Cranberry Bread

Just the name of this bread has a cozy feel, and the aromas and taste are super comforting too. This cranberry bread is easy to mix together, and is sure to be buttery, moist, and packed with orange flavor. It’s the ideal bread for sharing, or even gifting for the holidays.

The crunchy nuts and tart cranberries provide a lovely contract to the tender and sweet quick bread.

This would be a perfect post-Thanksgiving breakfast, or a breakfast on Christmas morning paired with a cup of tea or coffee. Or you can enjoy it curled up by the fire with hot cocoa or mulled cider.

12. Gluten-Free Cranberry Bread From Gluten-Free On A Shoestring

Another gluten-free recipe, this cranberry bread is slightly sweet, a little on the tart side, but seriously moist! This gluten-free bread needs to be on your table during the holiday season.

You can easily make this into a cranberry-orange quick bread by adding a little zest from one orange into the batter.

But to really amplify the orange flavor, squeeze some juice out of the orange, and swap out the milk for the orange juice. While this may make the batter look a little odd and curled, it makes for one beautiful quick bread.

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13. Cranberry Banana Bread

We’ve talked a lot about the cranberry and orange pairing, but what about other fruit pairings? Enter this cranberry banana bread recipe, that is both fluffy and delicious. 

The bread has a banana flavor that is both mild and lip-smackingly sweet and is decorated with cranberries that give this banana bread a tangy, tart twist.

The nuts also provide even more texture, but if you’re not a fan of nuts, this bread will still taste amazing without them.

When the bread is fresh from the oven the cranberries are at their most potent and tart. They truly are a shock to the taste buds!

But as the bread cools, the cranberries chill out a little so if you’re not a fan of super tart breads then give this one some time to rest. However, another way to dial down the tartness is to use chopped, dried cranberries instead of fresh cranberries.

14. Cranberry Eggnog Bread

For a truly festive cranberry bread, why not combine it with eggnog bread? A.K.A. the most Christmassy bread ever! Also known as crack bread, this cranberry eggnog bread is sure to be a hit with anybody who tries it. It’s certain to be gobbled up in minutes!

Eggnog is a divisive ingredient admittedly, some people love it while some hate it, so this bread is for the true eggnog fans out there! But we’re willing to bet that even eggnog skeptics will enjoy this delicious cranberry eggnog bread drizzled with white chocolate.

15. No-Knead Cranberry Walnut Bread With Honey

This no-knead cranberry walnut bread with honey wouldn’t look out of place in a bakery window. It is sweet, delicious, and the tips provided in this recipe means you can’t go wrong when making it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Cranberry Bread Crumbly?

Bread normally becomes crumbly when it is soggy, and it becomes soggy because there is too much liquid in the mixture (such as butter or oil), or not enough leavening.

Too much leavening such as too much baking powder or baking soda can also cause the bread to crumble. Too much baking powder or baking soda can also lead to a bitter aftertaste that tastes like soap.

Do I Need To Put Cranberry Bread In The Fridge?

While you can put cranberry bread in the fridge if you wish, this isn’t a necessity. The best way to store this bread is to tightly wrap it in plastic wrap, or keep it at room temperature  in a resealable plastic bag for up to 3 days.

Is Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Good For You?

Drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail is said to help maintain the health of your urinary tract and lower your chances of developing urinary tract infections.

These health benefits also apply to other Ocean Spray products, such as their 100% Pure Cranberry Juice.

Final Thoughts

Cranberries are too good to be enjoyed in just sauce on Thanksgiving, and we hope these Ocean Spray cranberry bread recipes have inspired you to think outside the cranberry box!

15 Outstanding Ocean Spray Cranberry Bread Recipes

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Cranberry bread is ideal for the holidays, and you can’t go wrong with Ocean Spray! Here you’ll find 15 outstanding recipes for Ocean Spray cranberry bread.


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