15 Delicious Root Beer Bundt Cake Recipes 

Bundt cakes are essentially very similar to pound cakes in the way they are baked, the tin molds are the same shape, so you get the same shaped cake as a result!

However, bundt cakes do not use a pound of each ingredient, which makes them scarcely different.

Alcohol in these cakes can be an amazing way to enjoy them as they are rather basic in appearance, so it’s great to bite into a slice of bundt cake and be mesmerized by the rich flavors inside!

In this case, these recipes make use of one particular ingredient that sets them apart from any other cake recipe out there, root beer!

Root beer is loved across the globe and if your whole family are big fans of the stuff, then why not use it to bake a delicious bundt cake any time of the year. But especially around the holidays and Thanksgiving.

1. Unexpectedly Delicious Bacon Root Beer Bundt Cake Recipe (kudoskitchenbyrenee.com)

Root beer in cakes is one of those instances where you wouldn’t expect the flavors that you do get when you try it, you just have to try it for yourself to find out what it is that makes it so unique and delicious in cake recipes.

This recipe uses an extra ingredient to really bring out the taste of the root beer in its best light! Bacon and root beer are not usually paired together in baking recipes, however, with this bundt cake it just works stupendously for some reason and we highly recommend you try it for yourself!

The crispy bacon added to the top of the cake glaze is perfect for autumn celebrations, and bacon lovers across the globe!

2. Root Beer Float Bundt Cake (sixsistersstuff.com)

If you’re looking to impress guests at an event or party, why not bring along with you this root beer float bundt cake? It’s truly a hit amongst party enthusiasts for its playful name and delicious taste!

Making your own spin-off of a classic and well-loved drink can never be a disaster and this recipe is unique because it plays on root beer float drinks. Who doesn’t love a bit of froth?

The icing and glaze have been made to look exactly like a root beer float and are so fun to make on your own homemade root beer bundt cake.

3. Root Beer Float Cake | Bundt Cakes (browneyedbaker.com)

Alcohol and chocolate have been famously paired together for a long time to bake delicious caked and sweet desserts. So, what makes this cake different from other recipes?

Well, the root beer is a no-brainer, the taste is just divine and when paired with chocolate, it adds richness to it like no other. It’s the type of dessert where you won’t know just how good it is until you try it for yourself!

It’s also a great way to use up any leftover root beer in the house after the holidays because we know you stocked up on too much.

That’s not a problem if you’re an avid root beer drinker, however, if you’re looking for another way to use it up, try this recipe!

4. Root Beer Bundt Cake – A Halloween Cake Recipe! (brooklynfarmgirl.com)

There’s a reason why root beer works well in Halloween recipes, and it’s because it’s a fantastic and delicious autumn drink! This cake recipe is so easy to make and is moist inside because of the root beer, no one likes a dry cake do they?

So, root beer is brilliant for providing a fluffy cake that doesn’t dry out quickly.

Simply get your hands on every orange, white, and black Halloween decoration in the country and go nuts with the decorating on this bundt cake recipe! Share it with your friends and family this Halloween and enjoy the delicious taste of root beer inside your bundt cake.

5. Chocolate Root Beer Bundt Cake Recipe | Yummly

This root beer-infused bundt cake with a rich chocolate frosting does all the talking at any dinner party or gathering. The frosting is just as delicious and to die for as the bundt cake itself and you simply cannot miss out on the opportunity to try it for yourself!

It takes a total of 70 minutes to prepare and bake so you can be certain you’ll tackle this recipe in one morning or afternoon if you’re up for the challenge!

There are roughly 15 ingredients involved in this recipe depending on what you may want to add in as there are other spices that would work so well! Try cinnamon or nutmeg in the chocolate frosting to add to the sweetness.

6. Keto Chocolate Root Beer Bundt Cake – Kirby Does Keto

Sometimes it can be hard to find cake recipes that work for you if you’re into Keto diets, and this recipe is not one of those that are difficult to make keto. This cake uses psyllium husk flour to substitute for the regular flour that is usually used in these cakes.

Also, it’s up to you what root beer you use in this recipe, so if you have a family favorite brand, why not make use of it and use it in this recipe? 

7. Chocolate Root Beer Cake – Family Spice

We couldn’t get over how delicious the glaze looks on this chocolate root beer bundt cake recipe, so we had to share it with you root beer lovers out there!

Usually, bundt cakes don’t require any fancy decorations or glazes to spice the appearance up because of the shape of the cakes themselves, however, with this recipe we just felt it wouldn’t be right to not show you how magnificent the glaze is!

8. A&W Root Beer Bundt Cake with a Root Beer Glaze Recipe | Yummly

This recipe may be the fastest recipe for making the most delicious root beer bundt cake on the planet! And it can be yours for 55 minutes of your time and 13 ingredients.

What’s special about this recipe though, is that not only has the bundt cake been doused in root beer, but the glaze has too so every mouthful you eat will be overwhelmed with the taste of delicious root beer!

9. Root Beer Bundt Cakes – The Washington Post

Why not try this dark and spicy root beer bundt cake for a delightful change to cleanse your palette during the holiday season?

We bet that during Thanksgiving you’ll be stocked up with sweets and roasts to last you a lifetime, so why not try something a little different on your dining table banquet this year? 

10. Root Beer Poke Cake With Root Beer Glaze – Hugs and Cookies XOXO

This root beer bundt cake looks spectacular in how well it rises in the oven, and the center of the cake has been stuffed with playful and delicious root beer fizzy candies to add a fun element to the cake at the dinner table!

We love how simple this cake is with the subtle decorations and you will too!

11. Leprechaun Root Beer Float Chocolate Bundt Cake (Gluten-Free / SRC) • The Heritage Cook ®

Root beer bundt cakes are famous for being heavy in their heritage because of the beer included in the recipes. It just wouldn’t be Irish if the beer wasn’t included in the recipe so for you Irish folk out there, try out this delicious and hearty recipe today!

And if you’re not Irish, celebrate another heritage today and bake your own bundt cakes with whatever beer you fancy. 

12. Root Beer Bundt Cake – Freshly Homecooked

Sometimes you just want a simple root beer bundt cake recipe that is going to tie you over until the new year, and we have just the recipe for you!

This root beer bundt cake is as simple as it gets, there are no fancy glazes or ingredients used, you get exactly what you expect to get with this recipe. We’ve said enough, so try it for yourself!

13. Gluten-Free Root Beer Cake (lynnskitchenadventures.com)

Not everyone can enjoy cake recipes if they’re gluten-free and cannot consume too much flour for health and dietary purposes, so we’ve found you a gluten-free root beer recipe for all your family to enjoy as well as you!

You shouldn’t have to miss out on anything in life because of not being able to consume gluten, so make a conscious effort to bake a fantastic and delicious bundt cake that tastes exactly like any other bundt cake!

14. Root Beer Float Cake Recipe: How to Make It (tasteofhome.com)

We love offering you recipes that add something extra into the methods or ingredients to make your cake recipes special! So, why not try this root beer float cake recipe that is a light as air in the sponge texture.

It’s truly delightful and your entire family clan will love this recipe if they like root beer or not!

15. Sweet Summer Memories With A&W® Root Beer Bundt Cake – Father and Us

As we spoke about at the beginning of this article, these root beer bundt cakes are just fabulous as late summer or autumn desserts or puddings!

Imagine kicking back with your family or friends with a bottle of root beer, and a slice of your homemade root beer bundt cake. Sounds great, right?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Add Root Beer To My Bundt Cake Recipe?

Yes, in fact above, we have searched and scoured for the best root beet bundt cake recipes for you to enjoy all year round! They’re so easy to follow and the root beer adds a spicy and rich flavor to the bundt cake’s texture overall making it a delicious cake to try out.

Are Root Beer Bundt Cakes Great For Parties?

We think they are fantastic for parties and dinner! Everyone loves a good bottle of root beer, right? So, why not take along a homemade root beer bundt cake to your next dinner party invite and surprise your friends with a delicious dessert. 

Final Thoughts

So, we compiled together a list of the 15 most delicious root beer bundt cake recipes so you don’t have to and we’re so excited to see what recipes you found were your favorites to try!

There were just too many to choose from so we couldn’t choose a favorite, however, do you have a personal favorite that you’re going to add to your recipe book?

15 Delicious Root Beer Bundt Cake Recipes 

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Root beer and bundt cake are two things that sound like they don’t work together, but prove you wrong when you taste one of these 15 most delicious root beer bundt cake recipes!


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